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Welcome to the home page of User Styles Manager. Some of the main features of this add-on are explained in this page and the changelog for the latest version are also listed at the bottom.

User Styles Manager is a restart-less add-on to manager and create styles to change the appearance of any webpage or your Firefox itself. You can choose from thousands of styles available on or create your own style from scratch using the powerful style editor inside this add-on.

To install any style, visit and choose the style you want. You can choose from styles affecting a specific website or the whole internet itself. Styles affecting the Browser can also be chosen. After finding the right style, click on the Install with User Styles Manager button to install the style. Once installed, the page will also show the style installed.

Click the install button to install the style.

Installed styles show different button.

Updating a style is also as simple as installing it. You can directly visit the homepage of the style and click the update button, or use the Update option from the Options Window of the add-on.

Click the update button to update the style.

Choose the Check for Updates button to update the style.

You can also create your own style from scratch using the feature complete editor. Click the Create New button or press Alt + N shortcut from the Options Window. You can also edit any existing style by selecting the style and pressing Edit Style Sheet (or ENTER). Multiple styles can also be edited at once by selecting multiple style (by holding Ctrl while selecting) and click Edit Style Sheet button.

Style Editor

Various features of the Style Editor are :

  • CSS Property Auto Completion: Automatically complete a CSS property from a drop down list as you start typing the property.
  • Color Picker: Double click over any color to get a Color Picker to edit or pick the color. Finish typing rgb( and the Color Picker pops up so that you can visually set the color.
  • Color Previewer: Hover over any color to quickly preview the color with its transparency.
  • Image Previewer: Double click over any image url to quickly preview the image.
  • Beautify CSS: Properly format a style sheet so as to make it understandable and ordered.
  • Syntax Validation: The style will be checked for syntax errors and the errors will be displayed along with their line numbers at the bottom of the editor.

Here is a gallery displaying the above mentioned features:

The styles can also be quickly enabled and disabled using the context menu of any of the following:

  • Firefox Menu Entry
  • Tools Menu Entry
  • Toolbar Button Menu Entry

In the context menu, the styles are also sorted on the basis of their target area as displayed in the screenshot below:

Styles sorted by their target area.

You can also add any chunk of text as a style by selecting the text and choosing Add text as a User Style from the Right click context menu. Every menu or menuitem used in this add-on has an access key assigned to it, so that you can easily navigate using mouse. Also, every feature of the style editor as a shortcut assigned with it. I hope this page proves helpful and lets you know every feature of my add-on. Listed below is the changelog for the latest version of the add-on.

Change log for Version 0.9:

  • support.
    • You can install any of the thousand styles from site
    • You can update any style installed via either using the Options window, or visiting the home page of the style.
  • Adding proper Russian translations provided by Drugoy.
  • Streamlined the validation process.
  • Fixed the toolbar icon.

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