Google Summer of Code at Mozilla

I had earlier mentioned that I would be busy coding for Mozilla this summer. I have been selected for the project called Graphical Timeline of Events. The project is a part of Google Summer of Code and this year, a total of 18 students have been selected to code for Mozilla. This is a 50% increase from last year. You can find the complete list on Gervase’s post. I hope all of us complete our projects with good results.

More about Graphical Timeline of Events; it would be a new Developer Tools for Firefox which will allow us to know the various events happening in browser in real time. These events include events like http request send, response received, paint event started etc. The exact features of the Timeline are still not clear and I will start my work on the project from next week as I had my final exams until today (it means that my course is complete 🙂 ). I mentioned many features and resources from where I could integrate them in my proposal. You can have a look at my proposal here. I have been assigned Panos Astithas as my project mentor. Panos has been a lead in many devtools project and is currently a lead engineer in the Script Debugger team. I am pleased to have him as my mentor.

Once again, I am very happy to be a part of the selected students to contribute to Mozilla. I have been following Developer Tools and the devtools team for about 6 months now and have also contributed a little earlier. I hope that this would be a wonderful experience and would help me connect even more with Mozilla.


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