My own website

Just yesterday I setup my new website at, installed WordPress, exported everything from this blog to that, picked a decent looking theme (after trying over more than 15 themes) and then I wrote a new post about the work done in my first week of Google Summer of Code project, Graphical Timeline of Events.

This means that I will stop posting here and continue on my website. I will also make a custom theme just for the site but it will take time as I already have my hands full.


Google Summer of Code at Mozilla

I had earlier mentioned that I would be busy coding for Mozilla this summer. I have been selected for the project called Graphical Timeline of Events. The project is a part of Google Summer of Code and this year, a total of 18 students have been selected to code for Mozilla. This is a 50% increase from last year. You can find the complete list on Gervase’s post. I hope all of us complete our projects with good results.

More about Graphical Timeline of Events; Continue reading