Hello everyone.

I am a final year student at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and will be graduating next month. Although my graduating specialization is Civil Engineering, I am a programmer by heart.

I have been programming since my high school (class 9th). I started with C/C++ in my school time, played around with PHP, MYSQL, JAVA and JSP in my second year of college, did many projects in C# in my third year. I did my summer internship at PEM Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Noida where I created an application to analyze and design pile foundations and to generate the blueprints in Autocad using Visual BASIC in Microsoft Excel. My Final year project revolves around GPU programming using CUDA and I chose CUDA C as the language to program in. But my favorite language is JavaScript.

I have been an active Firefox user since Firefox 3. I like the fact that Mozilla is an open source non profit organization whose primary goal is to improve the web. Ever since I started tracking the nightly branch via Mercurial, I have been more and more enthusiastic about Mozilla. I have been following all the latest changes and news regarding Mozilla ever since Firefox 3.7 alpha. In fact, my introduction to open source was by Mozilla Labs add-on Speak Words itself. I liked the add-on so much that I went on forking it. Since then I have contributed to Mozilla Labs Speak Words, Instant Preview and Awesome Bar HD. I have my own 4 add-ons whose source code is hosted on Github and some of them are very popular and useful (Location Bar Enhancer). Location Bar Enhancer has been blogged about in at least 4 Tech. Blogs. My experience with Developer Tools started with one of my add-ons (User Style Manager) in which I used the in-built source-editor (Orion) as the Style Sheet editor. I have also contributed towards Developer Tools by fixing a few bugs related to source editor. I also got selected as an add-on reviewer last month and am helping the Mozilla Add-ons team.

I will be contributing to Developer Tools via the Google summer of code project – Graphical Timeline of Events in which I will be aiming to create a new developer tool to display various events happening in your browser in real time. It would be a nice experience developing such a tool and on top of it, I am really excited to work for Mozilla.


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